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Jorge Brito



My name is Jorge Luis Brito I was born August 10th 1992. At the age of 7 my parents had given me a 'single-use' camera and that is where my love for photography began. I started taking pictures of everything; the view finder created a new sense of wonder. As I grew older, I began to focus more on landscape & seascape photography, for I used the outdoors as an escape from the trials of everyday life. However, my inspiration for black and white photography has different story. When asking a friend for an opinion on an image, I discovered that he could not fully see all the colors has he is color blind. I decided to switch the image to black and white so he could experience every aspect of the image.From then on I have kept all my photos black and white to give everyone the opportunity to view my images with the same sense of wonder as I do.


“Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” – Bruno Barbey

Artist statement

For me, photography is an outlet in which I can tell a story: using every aspect of an image to express various emotions. My passion is black and white photography, for I would consider myself an ‘old soul’ and want to give my images a timeless quality.

    I use my camera as a tool to create imagery, both real and surreal. In order to tell my story, I use a pairing of my fondest memories along with new observations from my everyday experiences. The story grows as I transform my feelings, thoughts, and emotions into a printed image. I would like to think that my attention to detail sets me apart other photographers.

    For every individual who comes across one of my images, my goal is, not only for them to be able to interpret the photo by directly looking at it, but however, to find a deeper meaning. A sense of life, love, laughter, loss, pain, sadness, joy, excitement, and so much more. It’s about the story we live not about the product we produce. 

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